Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just survived my first week of grad school.  It's going to be one hectic semester... Before my last evening class for the week, I decided that I would celebrate this first week by having dinner at the Chico's Thursday Night Farmer's Market.  I just love how the community is brought together through what we enjoy.  So many fruits, vegetables, nuts, and various products to buy in just a few blocks.    Walking down the food vendor truck part of the market, I knew exactly what I wanted tonight... Korean Tacos.  I stopped at the Annie's Grill truck. They recently closed their shop on 9th street (now it's Chicoichi Ramen).  Annie's Grill was the first that started my obsession with Kimchi and Korean dishes like Bibimbap.  So I thought I would pay a visit to them.  For their food truck menu, they sell Korean Tacos, Bowls, and sides.  I decided to go with the Korean Tacos (3 for $5). What a deal!!! For the tacos, I had the choice of meat (beef, chicken, tofu, or seafood) and choice of sauce (mild or spicy).
My 3 Korean Tacos were consisted of chicken, mild sauce, lettuce, and cabbage wrapped in corn tortilla.
Verdict: Liked it! After I ordered it, I thought to myself "Why didn't I get it with spicy sauce...?" But the mild sauce was just right.  Had enough kick to it.  I will definitely have this again or try another special item from Annie's Grill before this Thursday Night Farmers Market season ends on Sept. 27th.
There are more food vendor trucks that I have yet to try more of.  There's more of Inday's Filipino Food that I want to try.  I have tried their Tino-no-an (chicken in coconut milk) and Gulay (seasonal veggies topped with spicy peanuts), which was good.  There are dessert trucks like Cupcake Crusaders and the Mexican ice cream bars at La Flor de Michoacán Paletería y Nevería that I want to try too.
In the last upcoming weeks in September, check out more of my Thursday night adventures!

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