Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome!!! Fueled by Boba is a website created to share my food experiences, my appreciation of food, and reviews of them.   Growing up in the Bay Area as a half-Asian, half-White girl, I was lucky enough to try new, exciting flavors from a variety of people and establishments.  Now as a twenty-year graduate college student in upper Northern California I continue to find and cook diverse food that I loved back at home.    With my soon to be hectic schedule of going to graduate school, homework, volunteering/interning, trying to find precious time with the BF/friends, I hope to share with you my food reviews of different establishments and my cooked meals, which includes, Asian, American, Italian food, desserts, healthy options, and snacks. I hope you my food blog and find something that you can crave to!!!  :]
A good first food blog pic... LOL.
Latest enjoyment I had: Jr. Sundae at Leatherby's

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