Friday, September 7, 2012

Restaurant Review: Sin of Cortez

Awhile back ago, my Bf and I decided to go out for breakfast before the school year started.  Since he picked breakfast last time, it was my turn to pick.  As I looked through the Chico breakfast menus online, I chose Sin of Cortez.  I was intrigued by the menu.  They have your standard breakfast dishes such as fruit pancakes/ french toast, scrambles, egg burritos, sandwiches and wraps for lunch. What really caught my eye is that they serve a few Asian inspired dishes like Wok Fried Rice Bowl and Crispy Noodles and Crunchy Vegetables.  Another eye catcher was the selection of healthy dishes made with tofu, brown rice,vegetables, and egg whites.
As we entered the restaurant, we noticed that they have a drive-thru window. When we entered, we were told to sit ourselves.  When I looked on Yelp, I read that this place can be busy at times, but on a weekday around noon, it was partially filled.   The restaurant's atmosphere was nice.  When we were given our menus, my eyes darted at the Zen Breakfast, which is brown rice & tofu grilled in their house made ginger-soy served with egg whites and steamed spinach.  But I decided on a breakfast wrap since I had Chinese food with tofu the night before.  This is what we ordered...
The Bf had the Rosemary Breakfast: A generous portion of rosemary potatoes served with 3 scrambled eggs and rosemary bread.  He said that this was good. 

I had the Powerhouse Egg Wrap: Egg white, black beans, scallions, jack cheese, and roma tomatoes wrapped in whole wheat tortilla, served with a side of fresh salsa.
I was laughing because it seemed like our food roles had changed for that day. This is something that my Bf would ordered (he usually gets burritos), while I would usually ordered his dish.  See what happens when there's so much to choose from...
 The wrap was big, but with a big appetite that morning I ate the whole thing.  Overall the wrap was good.  Everything in it was "right out of the kitchen" fresh and hot.  My problem was the beans and salsa. Personally, it was too much beans. As I was eating, a whole mound of them kept falling.  At the end, I felt that my whole area around my mouth was covered in beans.  For the salsa, I thought it didn't add much flavor since the wrap was covered in beans. But the rest of ingredients worked well for each other.
For my drink I ordered the Thai Coffee.  I loved this.  It wasn't too sweet for me.  According to their site, they make their own coffee.  If their drive-thru is open, I'm definitely going to use it to try more of their coffee.

Verdict: The coffee was good. If I come back, will try another of their coffee specialties.  The food was okay.  Next time I'll try their Zen Breakfast.  Overall, this is a good restaurant with an interesting hearty and healthy meals.  Go check them out!!!

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