Thursday, September 20, 2012

Restaurant Review: Kinder's Meat & Deli

Last night, my bf and I decided to have dinner at Madison Bear Garden since I had a "Buy One, Get One Free" facebook offer for that day only. I was so excited. I wanted to try their Jiffy Burger (burger with creamy peanut butter and bacon. My heart is pounding thinking about it...)  When we showed up the line was out the door. Hungry, I didn't want to wait or make dinner at home so the bf suggested we go across the street to Kinder's Meat and Deli.  We both had one of their hot sandwiches.

The bf had Kinder' Cheeseburger (Two 1/3 lb Angus beef patties w/ American Cheese. Served with a  side of salad.
He said this sandwich is what he gets everytime he comes here.  Must be good.

I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich with a side salad.  This sandwich was pretty good considering I rarely have BBQ.  The side salad was a little small and average, but it made me have some greens for that day.  For the sandwich they added coleslaw to it, which made it a little creamy.  The meat was tender and I thought they put a generous amount in the sandwich.  But the highlight was the BBQ sauce.  That night they had the options of mild or spicy BBQ sauce.  I ended up getting a few ketchup cups of spicy BBQ sauce for the sandwich.  I kept on pouring the sauce on my sandwich. It was great.  The spicy BBQ sauce was smokey, sweet, and added a nice kick at the end.  If I ever do BBQ, I'm considering buying their BBQ sauce bottles they have in the deli.

Overall: So glad I finally got to try Kinder's. But the service was okay.  When we were waiting to order our food, we were standing behind a couple with their little kids, who was ordering from the counter.  A guy came in and stood behind us.  Then another cashier who came from the kitchen told the guy in back of us to go up to the counter and order from her.  I don't know if she saw us or she thought that we were with the family, but I thought that was rude.  She asked the guy if he was part of the group before us, but you would think she would ask us that too if she saw us.  But I decided to close my mouth and wait.
But a happy note: Now I know where to get good BBQ sauce :]

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