Thursday, September 27, 2012

Restuarant Review: Basque Norte

About a month ago, it was our 2nd anniversary for my BF and I.  Like the year before, he wanted to surprise me and take me to a restaurant where we haven't gone before.  The previous year it was Lassen Steak House, which was disappointing.   More on that restaurant later if we ever go back to it.  This year, he took me to Basque Norte.  (Yes, I know this was a little awhile ago.  But you still have to give me credit for still reviewing this.) :]

This restaurant is tucked away in the quiet part of Chico.  Upon arriving, we had to wait a little by the bar area since we didn't have reservations I noticed that they serve tapas or Spanish cuisine appetizers.  Since we wanted to be seated in the dining room, not the bar, we ordered from the dinner menu.  On the dinner menu, they have main entrees like steak, seafood, fowl, lamb, baby back ribs and ravioli.  My BF and I choose the Brace of Quail.  We never had quail before, so we both had to try it.  The main entree comes with a various of sides that was shared between the two of us.

We started off with some french bread from the Tin Roof Bakery and tomato garlic soup (both not pictured).  Then came the relish plate with carrots, pickles, califlower, red peppers (top right).  On the bottom right, we have the house dinner salad.  On the left, there was the spaghettini with ajioli sauce.
On the top left, we have the green beans with dill and onions.  On the top right, there was the basque style red potatoes.  Then, on my plate (along with the pasta and salad) there was the spicy red beans seasoned with pork sausage.
And my main entree: Brace of Quail (2 oz. Pharaoh Quail: lightly floured, lightly seasoned, and deep-fried).
Last, we have the complimentary chocolate ice cream with whipped cream.

The service good-they were friendly and pleasant.  The environment was dark and quiet.  But that was okay for me because... it was our anniversary dinner... ha. When we got there I noticed that everyone who was leaving the restaurant had take-out boxes.  That could mean a few things...  I thought that my BF and I would finish everything off the table.  But that wasn't the case.  The sides were decent and were generous proportions for both of us.  With all of the food, we each had to take some side leftovers and we both saved one of our quails to eat later.
This restaurant is a bit on the high side for dinner prices.  I recommend going here for special occasions due to the prices.  But overall, good service and decent food.  Sometime in the future, I will come back and try their tapas. 

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